Putting Ruler Drill

Learn how to start your ball down your target line

An easy way to learn how to start rolling your putts online is by grabbing a long metal ruler at your local hardware store and using it while you practice.

Step 1. Get a five foot putt, that is straight

Step 2. Place the ruler pointing at the hole

Step 3. Place a ball on the end of the ruler farthest from the hole.

Step 4. Try to roll your ball on the ruler the entire way and try to make it in the hole.

Step 5. Try to make 3 in a row and then you are done with the drill.

This putting tip and putting drill is a good way to start off your putting practice by ensuring you are hitting your putts on line. There are two main factors in putting, speed and alignment. This putting drill addresses the alignment part. You need to know you are rolling the ball in the direction you intend in order to provide feedback to determine if your green reading is correct.





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