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Mental Game Checklist

Shoot lower scores by understanding your game

Your personality traits in life should translate to how you play golf

This step requires roughly 30 minutes at home or the office.

The first goal in the mental game plan is to understand yourself better as a golfer. You need to really think through these questions before answering. Remember write them down and answer them honestly!

Without knowing the answer to this question, it will make it extremely difficult to improve as a golfer and shoot lower scores on the golf course.

The first thing to recognize is that your personality traits should translate to behavior on golf course. If you walk slow in your everyday life, walk slow in between shots on the golf course. Do not let your playing competitors dictate your routine on the golf course, go at your own flow! Be yourself and this will lead to the most success on the golf course!

In order to understand yourself as a golfer, ask yourself these questions:
(tip: use positive language when answering the questions.)

Instructions: Write this down and put it in your golf bag

How would you describe yourself as a player?

Example: “I am a very confident player, that plays to my strengths when on the golf course. I over power many courses so I need to take advantage of the par 5’s. I need to work on being smarter when going at certain pins on the course.”

Feel or technical?

Example: “I was self taught, so I am a feel player. Many times I take golf lessons to work on my mechanics and I become to rigid and do not utilize my athleticism. I need to remember when to think about technique, and when to be an athlete when I am on the golf course by going through my pre-shot routine.”

What is your go to shot?

“My go to shot is a low cut. I can hit my draw further, but when the pressure is on, I hit a low cut because that is my natural swing”

What is your miss?

High right shot. I tend to get really steep on my shot. I need to make practice swings coming from the inside to balance that out.

What do you do well mentally?

I am confident in my skills. I put a lot of time into my game and am confident I have put in the work when I get to competition.

What do you need to improve mentally?

Staying emotionally level. I do not want to get too high or too low in a round of golf.

What is your strength?

My work ethic and my distance of the tee. I am more athletic than most my competitors, therefore I have more opportunities to shoot low when my game is on.

What is your weakness?

I tend to get upset and let bad shots effect my next shot

What is your game plan to improve?

I signed up for this program hoping for it to guide me to mental toughness

Mental game golf tips for your success:

  1. If you are emotional, be emotional on the course. Yes, I said emotional! But if you get mad at yourself for hitting bad shots, remember to pat yourself on the back for your good shots. Make sure the emotion only lasts for one minute or less before letting it go and relaxing in between shots. There needs to be a steady balance of emotions.
  2. Play to your strengths. You can avoid your weaknesses for the most part. If you are bad from 20-60 yards from the green, then never lay up to those distances. Lay back to the yardages that you are best at.
  3. Work on your weaknesses. It is your goal to play to your strengths, but you also need to work on your golf game weaknesses to improve them for when you have no choice but to play that uncomfortable shot.

Hopefully this section will help you understand your game and shoot lower scores on the golf course!


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