Lower Your Scores by Understanding Your Game

Practice time at course 30 minutes to 1 hour of time

Before constructing a game plan to lower your scores and become a better golfer, you need to fully understand yourself as a golfer before you can make improvements.

This also gives you a taste improving your full swing, more material on full swing will be coming later in the program!

Step 1 Lets get start your golf improvement by answering a few questions

Who are you as a golfer? Personality traits should translate to behavior on the golf course.

Where do you tend to miss when you do not hit it well? (Left or Right)

Do you have a temper, slow walker, intense, etc… You should learn to be yourself on the course and this will develop comfort and confidence in your game. If you walk slow on the side walk, walk slow in between shots (Just don’t hold up play!)

Why do you play golf? For recreation, business or to be competitive in tournament play. Depending on your reason, this will dictate your passion for the game. More passion and effort (more hours put in), the better results you will have!

What is the present state of your golf game?

What is the your current game plan to achieve your desired game?

Do you currently have a process or do you bounce around to different instructors and different ideas?

Scoring Average _____________

Strengths _______________________________

Weakness _______________________________

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