Mental Toughness and Sport Psychology for Golf

In sport psychology for golf we are looking for ways to retrain our brain to think in a positive and confident manner. Recently I was working with one of our Ohio state golfers when I stumbled upon the phrase “fake it till you make it”.

Let me explain. First, it is important to understand that you can learn to be mentally tough in sport and life. Which is good to know because mental toughness in golf is key to achieving success! It takes a conscious effort to change the way you think and behave.

The next step is acting the way you want to become. This is where the “fake it till you make it” theory comes in. You need to consciously be aware of what you are saying and how you are acting. Every word and behavior you display needs to be in line with the way you want to become. Before you know it, you will be saying those words and acting the way you desired naturally without thinking about it. This conscious mental toughness training technique will help you achieve the positive and confident attitude you always dreamed of. This will lead to better performance on the golf course and in life.
Do this every day from this point forward! You will notice how you are able to accomplish a lot more if you right them down and prioritize what is important. We will get to more about writing down information later in the program.
So remember, to improve your mindset for golf and life “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!”
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