Is it important to have a mental golf performance cue? sport psychology houston, tx

What is a mental golf performance cue?

For most people, having a performance cue in their golf routine is very important. A ¬†performance cue can also be called a “swing thought”. It is a trigger word that gets you to narrow your focus in order to perform a good golf shot.

First, you have to figure out what works best for you. Some people have too many thoughts in their heads, so they might have 6 performance cues and do not know which one to go with. These types of golfers need to work on their golf mental training by calming their mind and finding one thing to focus on for each shot. I am a firm believer that a player cannot have more than one golf performance cue in order to hit a good golf shot.

There are people out there to just “calm your mind”. Think about nothing in order to let your athleticism come out in your golf swing. This is not true for everyone. Sure, generically speaking, most people do have too many thoughts going on in their head when trying to hit a golf shot. But a player like me needs to focus on getting something going on in my head before hitting a golf shot. I tend to not have a swing thought and this leads me to hitting an errant shot or putt. I need to have a quality mental golf performance cue in order to hit a good golf shot.

Find a performance cue that works for your golf routine. It may change from week to week, or day to day. For me, focusing on smooth tempo at the top of my swing, or taking the club straight back when starting the golf swing works well. In putting I like to think about my big muscles moving the putter to take the hands out of it. Some days I have that feeling in my shoulders, other times I have that feeling in my lower back. You need to find what works best for you!

Just because someone does something that works, does not mean it will work for you. You need to get with a coach that works with your golf abilities, your golf swing, your brain, and train you to find the best technique for you to shoot lower golf scores!

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