Tiger Woods hires new coach Chris Como

Tiger Woods Coach Chris Como

Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best golf coaches and players in the game. One of the swing coaches I worked with for over 2 years was recently hired by Tiger Woods today.

I could not be more happy for Chris Como, my former instructor that was hired by one of the best players in the world Tiger Woods. As a coach, it would be the pinnacle of your career to coach the best golfer ever to live, Tiger Woods. Congrats Chris Como!

When I worked with Chris he was a very knowledgable golf instructor. He spent hours researching the angles of the golf swing and applying it to his research in TPI (Titliest Performance Institute, golf fitness) and Texas Women’s University research where he was working with a professor on how the body works through the golf swing. Chris has found his niche working with golfers that really want to understand the fitness side of golf and how they can better swing to prolong their career.

After finding out Chris Como became Tiger Woods coach this morning it gave me a boost of confidence that I was able to mentor under a coach that Tiger Woods believes to be one of the best in the world. Chris Como took the foundation I developed for the golf swing under Al Geiberger while at Pepperdine to another level by explaining how the spine and angles of the golf swing impacted your body and the golf shot. This being said, the golf swing is not very complicated if learned and practiced the correct way.

Through my career path as a golf professional I have chosen to apply sport psychology training into my golf instruction. I believe sport psychology for golf is essential for any player that wants to play at the top level. The mind controls the body movement, so I do not think you can learn an effective golf swing without the proper training of the mind for golf .

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