Anyone can learn to have a good short game! jj wood golf short game

As a college golf coach there is nothing more frustrating than watching your players struggle with their short game. The short game requires a small simple swing, which does not require much talent or athleticism. Sure, some players possess more talent with their short game such as soft hands, touch, and creativity, but anybody can practice their way into being a good short game player in golf.

When I was in college I didn’t possess the natural ability to be a phenomenal putter. I worked my way in order to be a functional putter in order to be an above average college player and post quality golf scores to help my team. I did this by:

1. working on basic fundamentals

2. Practicing with a line on my ball for alignment

3. Making many 3-5 foot putts to in grain confidence and see the ball go into the hole repeatedly

4. Doing numerous drills to dial in my speed control on long putts

5. Establishing a quality, repeatable pre shot routine to get me focused.

These same techniques can be done in all areas of the short game.

There are a few short game drills you can implement into your practice. The easiest one would be playing with one ball and going around the green. Play each ball as if it is one hole. If you get up and down that is a par. If it takes you three shots that is a bogey, if you make the chip that’s a birdie. Play 18 holes, keep your score and try to improve that each time you do this drill!

Chipping, pitching, and bunker shots should be the easiest shots in golf. This just takes understanding of the basic fundamental short game techniques and practicing to get your feel. Feel is only established by repetitions in practice!

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