Step 7: Create Your Recruiting Video

This video should be approximately 3 minutes in length.

In creating this video, use the 30-second rule you must grab a coach’s attention in those first 30 seconds, or there is a good chance that he will not view the whole video.

Make sure to include any outstanding footage of you playing in those first 30 seconds and also feel free to add any pictures that show your skills or good characteristics. You can use a combination of game films and practice drills and transform them into a highlight video that is tailored to what coaches want to see in a recruit.

Make sure to include your GPA, ACT/SAT scores, important statistical data related to your sport, contact information, and graduation year.

Examples of recruiting films that are designed to show college coaches what they need to see can be found by visiting GPG TV on YouTube:

How to make it yourself:

  1. Film with a smartphone or tablet
  2. Follow the instructions listed on the PDF below  icon-angle-down
  3. Edit it on your MacBook in iMovie or something similar
  4. Finalize the Movie and post it to YouTube, make sure you set the setting to public, so all coaches can see!

 TIP: If you have a great resume (low tournament scores, numerous academic and outside of golf accomplishments) you should consult your golf coach to see if you look on video as good as you do on paper! Focus on your strong points, if you have an amazing golf swing and below average resume, make your swing video your main marketing tool!

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