Information for Transferring Schools

There are special considerations if you are considering transferring from one school to another. Under NCAA regulations, you will be considered a transfer if you:

  • Ever enrolled full-time in a two or four year school
  • Ever participated in an athletic practice or played in a game, even if enrolled part-time

Types of Transfers

There three categories of transfers:

  1. Qualifier – A student-athlete who meets NCAA Eligibility requirements.
  2. Partial Qualifier – A student-athlete who does not meet all of the NCAA Division II academic requirements. A transferring partial qualifier:
  • Must sit out one year
  • Can practice with the team and receive financial aid

Note that only NCAA Division II allows partial qualifiers; Division I does not.  

  1. Non-Qualifier – A student-athlete who does not meet (even partially) the NCAA academic requirements. Non-qualifiers:
  • Cannot practice or play
  • Cannot receive financial aid for one year

If you never registered with the NCAA or NAIA clearinghouses, you will automatically be designated as a non-qualifier.

If you are considering a transfer, it is important to understand when you need to obtain permission to contact a different school and when you do not need permission:

Permission is required if you are currently enrolled as a full-time student in an 4-year school. This takes the form of an official letter from your current school signed by your Athletic Director (or Administration/Compliance Officer).

Prior to obtaining such written permission, you may contact any NCAA college concerning your interest in transferring, but the new coach cannot discuss your transferring until he receives written permission from your current school.

If your current school will not give you written permission, you will have to sit out a year or appeal.

Permission is not required if you are attending a school in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) or National Community College Athletic Association (NCCAA); or if you are transferring schools within NCAA Division III, in which case you will use a “Self Release” to allow the second school to contact you about transferring. Sample “Self-Releases” are available at
Junior College Transfers

If you are attending or considering a junior college, the following is important information considering a transfer to a 4-year institution:

As noted above, permission is not required from your school’s Athletic Director to transfer from a junior college to a 4-year school.

Be aware that the school you are transferring to may require you to complete your 2-year degree, or alternatively sit out a year (academic year in residence).

To accurately determine your eligibility status and familiarize yourself with the NCAA rules you should call the NCAA (317-917-6222),

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