Below is an example from my last consultation with a client online in the Player Performance Program. This should give you an idea of the golf performance training tools and how you apply them to your ongoing training!

Application of all the mental tools: It doesn’t matter what you learned if you don’t apply them consistently. Every day!

Mental Game Scorecard –
1. Best exercise to get absorbed in your routine and the PROCESS
2. Spend time on the range focusing on your routine and process to consistently get 100% committed and trust for each shot. Simulate mental game score card but on the range
3. By having a solid routine, this will be the biggest aspect of being consistent under pressure.

This is just the beginning of your journey to becoming a great player. You now have 10 very important tools that are necessary to become a great player! Like you said, it’s up to you on how much you practice these tools, exercises and commit to a consistent process!

I believe in all the different aspects we went over. however, I understand that certain tools work better for people more than others.

The 3 tools that connected the best with you were:
1. Tool 5: Power of Routines – This is a great tool to consistently focus on. Incorporates process goals, pre & post shot routines, and pre tournament preparation.
Daily: Set 3 process goals every day!
2. Tool 6: Confidence, Motivation & Focus – Self Talk awareness, writing out affirmation statements, yard card in your bag
Daily: Spend 15-20 min reflecting on your development. Incorporate highlight reals from putts you’ve made recently, positive experiences, etc.. Then reflect on how you could do certain aspects better. Add in journaling your thoughts if you want, its a great tool to reinforce your thoughts and beliefs!
3. Tool 8: Course Management – Mental Game Score Card. Like I said earlier this is the best way to work on getting in the process!
Weekly: Play a round with mental game scorecard as your priority
Daily: Practice on the range being creative, going through holes on your future tournament course, go through your routine every shot, and grade yourself on each shot like you do on the course with the mental game score card.

Where it says “daily” on those 3 tools, try to implement those aspects every day! This is your process priority! Add in any other tools as you see fit, but these 3 should be done every day!

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