Evaluate. Plan. Train. Mindset. Feedback. 

Learn the facts about how to improve your golf. Its not the hours you work, its how you work in those hours! golfpsychologypractice

As a golf coach that has seen success and failures of many players, I am fed up with traditional golf instruction. Fact: IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER. Sure, you might improve your technique, but its not about a perfect swing, its about lower scores! It is my belief that golfers need structure and be shown how to train properly. The best news is you can do the majority of your training from home or the office!

Our programs require little time, but 100% belief  and consistency in the process. If you have both of those qualities, I promise it is worth your time!

The goal is to change the way golfers think and approach practice. There is a lot of fluff in golf instruction. With technology and business’ such as Golftec, the game has become full of gadgets rather than a proven blueprint of how to improve your game. Through our online training programs, you will learn proven strategies that have developed champions on all levels of golf.

Do you wonder why the USGA handicap has not lowered in the last 30 years with access to modern golf instruction technology? The answer is simple – players of all levels need guidance and structure on how to plan and track their progression when away from the course.

PGA Coach Online is a performance tool that gives access to any golfer, beginner to professional that wants to take their game to the next level. Our online programs are packed with insight, mental game strategies and blueprints on how to achieve peak performance in your golf game! A step-by-step program on how to structure your practices each week.

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