Get Psyched App, Visualization Playlist – This is what I have all of my players do in order to enhance their relaxation skills on the golf course. It may seem cheesy, but you will feel completely relaxed when you complete each visualization playlist.To improve visualization skills, try the following: 


  • Download “Get Psyched app” on your iPhone
    • This app contains multiple visualization playlists for you to practice. The app contains other drills for the mental game. That is not apart of our process for visualization.
  • Be specific about what you want to accomplish (for example, playing well under pressure).
  • Start by using focused breathing to center yourself and clear your mind.
  • Use as many of your senses as you can to enhance the image. The more real the image feels, the more deeply engrained it becomes.

Mental Rehearsal Daily

  • Spend 5-10 minutes every day rehearsing the image off the course. Doing so will strengthen your ability to use it on the course and under pressure when you need it the most.

Exercise 1
Get Psyched App

1. Complete one visualization tape each day on the Get Psyched tool box. Try each one on the play list to figure out which one you like best going forward
2. Expand on journaling – write out a situation you struggle with. What is your desired outcome in this situation? Write out the ending as detailed as possible.
3. Continue 90 Day Journal and 3 process goals for each day if possible.

There are 8 playlists on the get psyched app. Do 1 visualization playlist per day

Day 1: Get psych visualization playlist 1
Day 2-7 Substituting the play list from day 1

After doing each playlist, figure out which playlist you liked best. Use this playlist going forward to practice your visualization daily.

Option 2 Mental Rehearsal When I was playing full time, I realized I needed to develop more confidence in my putting. What I did was pick 10 putts that I had made that day in my round or in practice. I rehearsed these images in my mind before going to bed each night.

  1. Pick 10 putts you made that day, no matter what the distance. If you didn’t play that day, you can remember 10 putts you have made recently
  2. I would rehearse each putt in my mind
  3. I would do 3 sets of all 10 putts. Rehearsing 30 putts total

Instructions to download Get Psyched App

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or click the link below the picture
  2. Download it to your phone
  3. Open the app and fill in the registration details
  4. Go to the “tools” on the bottom menu
  5. Under visualization playlist, there are 8 different visualization exercises
  6. Perform visualization playlist 1
  7. Perform a different playlist each day
  8. When you find a playlist you like, use this for future visualization practice

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