This exercise is labeled “post tournament review”. This is the worksheet I have my players fill out after they play in a tournament. It is a summary of all the rounds under competition.

You may not play in “tournaments” but it is all relative. If you are competing on the weekends against your friends in the local skins game, this would be a tournament for you. A tournament gives us the best feedback in order to improve our skills.

Fill this sheet out after each tournament or competitive round you play.


Date: _____________




Place/ number of competitors:__________________


  1. What things went well?







  1. What things did not?










  1. What definitely needs to be worked on?










  1. What can be maintained?










  1. What were the intruders to your concentration?









  1. How did you get back on track?









  1. How quickly could you let go of mistakes?










  1. Which were more difficult than others?









  1. What things improved your confidence about your game?








  1. What things do you definitely want to remember about this week?









  1. How would you play this course differently next time?


After reviewing your answers, you may need to restructure your practices accordingly. The goal is to always improve. By answering these questions, you will better identify areas you need to improve.

If you have a coach that can help you work through your feedback that would be great. If not, email me to set up a private consultation at a discounted rate!

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