The Pre Shot Routine is essential to developing a process to be relaxed and confident while hitting a golf shot. It is what you have to fall back on when you fall under pressure and need to be clutch!

  1. Analysis: The Thinking Phase

The player must gather all the information necessary regarding the shot that is about to be played. Things to consider:

  • Lie of the ball
  • Slope and grain (putting)
  • Wind direction
  • Distance to hole
  • Green, Yellow, or Red Flag
  • Distance to landing spot
  • Select appropriate club

Once you have picked out a clear and precise target go into the next phase of the pre-shot routine

  1. Visualization

How do you want the shot to look?

Some people may not be able to see the golf shot in their minds eye, but you can verbalize what you are trying to do, and what you want it to look like.

  1. Gain Feel

After gaining the visual of the shot you want to hit, it is important to then take practice swings developing the feel for the shot you are about to hit. Make your practice swings useful, DO NOT just use them to get loose!

  1. Performance Cue

As you step in to hit the shot, it is important to have a “performance cue” or “swing thought” that will give you the mindset to execute the shot effectively. These performance cues can include:

  • Breath
  • Straight back take away
  • Tempo
  • Align properly
  1. Trust

This can be the hardest part, in order to increase the chances of your golf shot being great, you need to trust that you have prepared properly. This is the time to let go and focus on your one performance cue.

We will discuss performance cue’s more in your next post. This week I would like you to write down a step-by-step pre shot routine that you think you do. Have a friend hold your pre shot routine check list and see how consistently you go through your routine.

It is important to have a method to your routine. It does not have to be identical every time, but it should incorporate all the steps needed to gain trust in the upcoming shot.

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