Self-Talk Worksheet

Self-talk is an effective technique to control thoughts and influence feelings.

Thoughts + Feelings + Physical Technique = Performance

Self-talk refers to the words you actually speak, which influence the thought in your head.

3 categories of Self-Talk:

  1. Task specific statements relating to technique – words or statements that reinforce technique. Example, “Turn your shoulders back”
  2. Encouragement & Effort – words or statements that provide self-encouragement or make you try harder. Example, “You can do it”
  3. Mood words – words that precipitate an increase in mood or arousal.

Tips for forming your personal Affirmation Statements.

Affirmation Statements – statements that can be used during competition. These statements affirm to the athlete that he possesses the skills, abilities, positive attitudes, and beliefs necessary for successful performance.

  • Should be brief statements
  • Logical with skill involved
  • Compatible with the sequential timing of the task being performed
  • Believable and vivid
  • Prepare in advance – write them down somewhere where you will see throughout the competition (yard card)

Step 1:

  • Create 5 Affirmation Statements and put them in a place where you will view 5 times per day.
    • I would read the each affirmation statement at least 5 times daily to engrain the self-talk

Step 2:

  • Place 3 Affirmation Statements on a piece of paper that you place in your scorecard while you are playing. This will cause you to view constantly throughout your round.

Agenda for week: Confidence & Focus
1. Daily Reflection on your self talk (2-4 sentences each day)
2. Create 5 affirmation statements and read each statement 5 times each day.
3. Incorporate chipping drills to improve touch and feel
4. Be aware of your self talk at all times!

Example of 5 affirmation statements written down.

Example of 5 affirmation statements written down.

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