SEE IT, FEEL IT, TRUST IT – A short game drill for you to try
This is a chipping, short game drill that helps you improve your chipping quickly. You will use a variety of clubs from the same distance and see if using the less lofted clubs is a benefit.

  1. Choose a chip shot that is on the edge of the green, approximately 20-25 feet away from the hole
  2. Use your 6-iron and go through your regular pre-shot routine

A quality pre-shot routine should have 3 aspects

  1. Visualization For most people, visualization is difficult; so ask yourself where you want the ball to land and how the ball will roll into the hole after it lands.
  2. Feel After you have a good visual of the shot in your minds eye, take some practice swings to feel the shot you have already visualized.
  3. Trust When you are over the ball, say to yourself “TRUST IT”

Hit your 6-iron until you hole the chip. Then proceed to your 7-iron and so on until you get all the way through your PW. This is a minimum of 5 shots. See how close you can get to the score of 5 each time. Remember, do your pre-shot routine with every shot!

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