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As we discussed throughout this program, getting feedback is very important for learning and development. Generic stat sheets track fairway, greens, putts each round. This does not show the entire story. Example, what if I hit 15 greens but average 40 feet from the hole. The percentages tell us I will probably 3-putt before I 1-putt from that distance. Your putts for the round would say something like 33 putts. Compare that to the person that hits 8 greens per round and average proximity to hole of 15 feet. Odds are they will make a couple of those with no 3-putts and some up/downs. They may have 27 putts for the round. Is the first player a worst putter? NO!

This is a stat sheet I was introduced to at Ohio State by Donnie Darr. Donnie used this with his players at Oklahoma State. How many greens you hit per round isn’t the only thing you should look at for ball striking. You need to see how many birdie opportunities you have per round. Rickie Fowler averaged 11 birdie opportunities when hitting 12 greens per round and was a first team All-American. Compare that to our player that averaged 13 greens per round and 7 birdie opportunities. Our player was All-Region and never obtained a PGA Tour card! Birdie opportunities per round is what matter!

Post round review sheet


  1. Fill this out after your round
  2. in the 2nd column list the club you hit off the tee and if you hit the fairway or not, see example above “Driver/Yes”
  3. the next column “Distance/Club” you want to list the distance you had to the hole – what club you hit – how far you hit it. This really helps you identify your area of weakness and also dials in your distance control
  4. How close was your putt for birdie?
  5. Was it a birdie opp or bogey possibility?
  6. putts on the hole
  7. score for the hole

Keep track of this every round and you will start to see your patterns and what areas you need to work on!

Download Post Round Sheet.pdf

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