A little trick I learned in college was to make a “yard card” to stick in my yardage book for tournaments. On the yard card I have little reminders that meant the most to me when doing my mental game training.

I would like you to revisit the confidence section and the “Self Talk, Affirmation” post

Your assignment – Make your personal Performance Yard Card

Benefits of Yard Card –

  1. Creates relaxation, confidence and mental clarity
  2. Utilize performance cues under pressure
  3. Daily reminder of positive mindset on the golf course

Instructions – Fill out the box below

  1. Write in 3 Affirmation Statements you find most valuable to you
    1. Pick your 3 favorite, most impactful to you
  2. Write 1 Performance Cue that gives you the best opportunity to hit a quality golf shit, examples: (swing thoughts, ONLY 1)
    1. Tempo
    2. Feel my arms falling to the inside on the downswing
  3. What is your motto?
    1. While coaching at Ohio State, our strength coach would use the phrase “Lets, put some money in the bank today!” Referring to the hard work you do in preparation for competitive success. Therefore, our motto was “Money in the bank”. What is your motto?
    2. It doesn’t matter what it is, but HAS TO BE PERSONAL TO YOU!
  4. Completely feel out the box below, and make it as personal to you as possible. Print & cut just outside the red line-box edges and take it to the nearest OfficeMax or similar to have it laminated (makes it durable to last a long time). Computers may size this box differently; ensure you make it the right size so it fits comfortably in your yardage book.
  5. Keep this in your yardage book with your pin sheet during tournament rounds.

golf yard card

Download this template to fill out your own yard card and put in your yardage book

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