Improve Your Swing Quickly (at home)

Improve your swing mechanics at home with the heavy golf club drill!

Most players use the excuse that they don’t have “time” to be a better golfer. This is simply not true! I advise all players I work with to ONLY work on their swing changes at HOME or the OFFICE. By doing this you will be focused solely on the proper swing you are trying to make because you are not worried about where the ball is going to go. When you go to the driving range, most people just work on their golf swing, worrying about making a perfect golf swing, and this translates to them working on their swing when they get on the golf course. You can NOT play good golf thinking about your golf swing while trying to shoot a low score. 

So now that we have clarified that you can get better from home. I have filmed a demonstration on how to complete the drill effectively on your own. This is a dummy proof drill, you can only get BETTER!

Rules for the Momentus Heavy Golf Club Drill↓

Very slow practice swings. When I say slow, I mean very slow! Stop at each check point position to make sure you are in the right position. Do NOT hit golf shots, just rehearse the proper positions without a golf ball. Reason: Allows you to focus on correct movement because you are not worried about the result of the shot. 

→ 3 sets of 10 swings (5 swings super set)

→ Pause for 3 seconds at each position in swing (see video)

→ After each set do 5 slow motion swings without pausing

→ 30% full speed practice swings. Be aware of the correct positions throughout the swing

♦ Add on – I require all of my students to purchase the momentus heavy club.

♦ Benefit of heavy club – improves your technique 10 times faster than a lot weight club

Beware – go slow with a heavy club! Going fast will mess up the sequencing of your golf swing when you go back to a normal club

Heavy club is designed to improve your swing changes faster.

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