How to Practice Golf Effectively

Most golfers “do not prepare to fail, they fail to prepare”

  1. Organized, specific and balanced –  always have a plan before going to the course!
    1. Each day you should have a main focus for the day. For example 1 day you would focus on full swing. Design yourself a practice plan before going to the course that focuses 60% of your time on full swing. Then split the remaining 40% of practice time on short game and putting.
    2. This will help you get in a lot of good work on one area, but not have to sacrifice losing another area of your game.
  2. Get Feedback – Journal after each phase of practice (i.e. after you complete your full swing practice, before you go to short game
    1. Take a few minutes to analyze your practice and write them down
      Questions can include

      • How comfortable were you when practicing (i.e. did your body feel tight, not confident in your swing, etc..)
      • What adjustments need to be addressed for your next practice (i.e. my alignment felt right, but I was actually square or I kept hitting it left and I am not sure if it was my path or my club face) Figure out the cure for that and implement it in your next session
      • Go through your fundamental checklist and make sure you completed the practice plan you previously set. Make any notes for how you could improve that practice, add or take away aspects to make it a better practice.
    2. When you are finished with your practice for the day, complete the “what I learned today” worksheet for an over all summary of your day practicing
  3. Simulate Pressure: Bring a friend!
    1. Playing 9 holes on the range is a great way to simulate some pressure and make your practice experience similar to the golf course.
    2. Have a goal of hitting 7 out of 10 fairways. Create a fairway on the range and do sets of 10 shots until you reach your goal of hitting 7 out of 10.
    3. Having a friend or practice partner is great for having putting competitions. Be sure you don’t get too relaxed. Make sure to read the putt and go through your routine like you would on the golf course!


You need to have a plan every practice! If you incorporate these 3 practice goals each day, you will speed up your progression and understand yourself better as a golfer.

PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE Golf is the “worst practice sport” in the world
The most important aspect to playing golf well is knowing how to work on your game properly that leads to improvement. Most golfers train inefficiently, which doesn’t allow them to play their best golf.



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