10 minutes warming up with the following:
– Impact Ball
– Pitch shots over impact bag

Complete homework work sheet to better understand bounce after completing the 9-shot drill.

Drill 1 Pitch Shot, Trajectory

9-shot drill This drill is intended to teach you how the bounce on the bottom of the club feels and reacts with different ball positions and face positions at set up. I am a big believer in taking the same pitch shot swing (technique) for all pitch shots, and only changing the ball and face position depending on how high or low I want to hit it. (I will use a slightly different technique for high spin, high loft shots on rare occasions. This is not recommended 99% of the time)
• With 9 balls from the same location hit 9 different shots to the same hole with the same club.

Lob wedge
Back of stance with closed face – low trajectory and running
Middle of stance with closed face – slightly higher (won’t typically use this in a round of golf, more for dril/learning purposes)
Front of stance with closed face – same as above ↑
Back of stance with square face – this will create mid flight trajectory. Would be used if your ball is sitting on top of grass, so you don’t want to scoop under, but still want a fairly soft landing
Middle of stance with square face – same as shot above, just slightly higher trajectory and softer landing
Front of stance pitch with square face – higher trajectory, even softer landing
Back of stance open face – able to get steep on it if its sitting down, but will still have some loft on the trajectory
Middle of stance open face – Traditional high loft pitch shot from good lie on fairway
Front of stance open face – High lob pitch shot, can also be used if ball is sitting down. Slower paced tempo with long swing, will allow it to come out of bad lies with soft landing.

Drill 2 Chip Shots
• Hit bump and runs with pw, 9i, 8i, 7i. Concentrate on landing the ball one pace onto the green by putting a coin 3 feet onto the green and try to land the ball on the coin. This will make you focus on getting the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Drill 3 Chip It In
– Easy chip to make it. Start with 10 balls and take one away every time you make it until you have no balls left. Gets you focused on making chips!

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