Goal: Establish your dominate hand in putting

Main Focus: Putting
Maintenance: Full Swing & Short game

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One-handed putting test

Golf Course

Putting Practice

As you will hear in the video, there is information out there about which hand is most important in putting. It is my goal to help you identify which hand is best for you! There is not a right answer, it is the hand that feels the best and allows you to control the club face and speed. 

  1. Warm up your putting
  2. Start with right hand
    1. Hit 5 balls from 5 feet (straight putt)
    2. Hit 5 balls from 15 feet 
    3. Hit 5 balls from 30 feet
  3. Repeat process with left hand

Which one did you feel like you had the best control with? This is the hand you should feel most when putting with two hands on the putter!

Make 10 in a row from each of the following 3 foot areas:

  1. Straight
  2. Left to right
  3. Right to left

Finish your putting practice with 9 holes for score, putting everything out:

  1. 1 ball
  2. Choose starting putts of 30-60 feet
  3. Go through routine on each putt
  4. Putt everything in
  5. What was your score?

Pitch Shot Practice

25 pitch shots from 20-30 yards with impact ball

Bunker Practice

20 swings – warm up with the bunker line drill 

Hit 25 shots medium bunker shot length (you have to carry ball 10-15 feet and rolls roughly 20 feet)

Full Swing Practice

25 balls feet together drill

15 balls with 7 iron going through complete pre shot routine and set up

10 balls with driver focused on the transition at top of the swing tempo

At Home Practice

What I learned today worksheet
Full Swing Practice
Gabe Swing Trainer – 25 swings
Heavy Club 3 sets of 10 swings, holding for count of 3 at each swing sequence

One handed, dominate hand with alignment sticks from 10 feet – 30 putts
Putting arc with both hands – 50 strokes
Both hands, no training aids – 10 putts

Short Game Impact Drills
5 sets of 5 in door frame
25 shots with impact ball

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