Jimmy Walker’s reveals swing secrets with Butch Harmon

jimmy walker golf swing

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Keep the club in front of you!

I have never seen a golfer error too short and too wide!

The biggest golf swing misconception is that “over the top” is bad. Sure too much over the top is bad, but too much of anything is bad. Golfers cannot play consistently good golf if their club behind them (too much from the inside). I would much rather have someone error over the top than stuck behind them.

When the club is over the top, you are more aware of where the club head is. When you are aware of where the club head is, you have a better chance of being athletic through the shot. Amateurs and pro’s alike often need to “save it” at the bottom of the swing. If the club is behind you, you are going to flip your hands and the club is moving too fast for you flip it consistently.

How to practice swinging short and wide

  1. Keep the club in front of you on the takeaway.  (arms in front of your chest on backswing. *This does not mean reaching on the take away!
  2. Pause at the top – have separation from back swing to downswing. Most people jerk from the top, this throws of their tempo and transition. Losing power and consistency.
  3. Relax and trust your swing! Practice hitting shots at 50% of full speed. When you go full speed, you will do what is comfortable. 80% of your shots on the range should be half speed.

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