Putting is Simple!

Think about it, how hard is it to make a 6 inch swing and hit it 4 feet to your target? Shouldn’t be very hard! When I was 10 years old, people would talk about about how I couldn’t miss. Then when I turned 18, everyone talked about, “if that kid could putt, he would be good!” So how did this happen? At 10, no golf experience and no THOUGHTS, I would make everything? Yet, after being ranked top 25 in the national junior golf rankings, I was a bad putter? Here’s why… I was obsessed with getting better, I read everything, watched everything, and picked every good putters brain. Power by knowledge, right? WRONG…. I didn’t know which method to go with, and putting became my weakness… Fast forward to my coaching career… My girlfriend, who has never played a round of golf pulls out the putter wheel training aid… I was proud of myself for being able to finally hit it 10 feet without it tipping over… and she puts it down, hits it and it rolls perfectly! Why is this? Because she is athletic and just reacted like an athlete would. So this is what I did. I went to the green, made my focus only of hitting solid putts… next time I played, I rolled it more true than I ever did before… Here’s a simple putting practice for you.   1. Buy the putter wheel… You can find it here 2. Hit 20 putts to warm up your putting every day 3. Play 9 holes only worrying about your routine   Routine  – Find the line  – Commit to the line  – Focus on hitting a solid putt down that line   If you are someone that thinks too much in putting or don’t trust your stroke…. I recommend copying Aaron Baddelys pre shot routine for putting… He explains it perfectly in this video!

Solid putts
Hit it solid
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