Putting is simple, keep it that way!

Putter Length
Men average length putter is 35 inches, women is 32 inches. This is the length of the total club when laying the putter head flat on the ground. It is ok to vary the length of the putter depending on your style. If you do go outside the norm, make sure there is a method to your madness!

Set Up





Fundamental 1 – Comfortable Set Up

Pay attention to the small details! Set up perfectly every time. There are very few things in golf that you can control, but everyone can set up perfectly! The biggest priority is getting comfortable. When you watch good putters on tv, you notice that it looks so natural. Find comfort first, then add in the rest!

Set Up Fundamentals – These fundamentals are text book, because putting is the most personal aspect of golf – I recommend using this as a baseline set up. There are great players that do different methods, but since you purchased this putting plan, chances are you need to make some changes!






We recommend using the fundamental grip unless you have a great reason to do other wise

Place the right hand on the grip below the left hand (for right handed players), with your thumbs going down the flat side of the putter grip.

You will notice the putter has a different grip from the rest of your clubs. The putter grip (how we hold the club) and the putter grip equipment (the putter grip that comes on your putter) are the only grip that is different from the other 13 clubs in your bag. Don’t get confused! Most players grip their putter like they do every other swing

If the putter lies in the palm of your hands, there will be less putter head rotation leading to more accurate putts off the putter face.

When the club lies  in the fingers or lower in the hand, you are able to hinge and rotate the club to gain speed in your hit. This is great for full swing shots, not good for small precise putts. 


Eye Line





Eye Line

Facts – when your eyes are in the correct position over the ball, you are able to see your line a lot better when set up to hit the putt. 

Error of Preference – inside the golf ball. I have yet to see a good putter with their eyes outside the golf ball (right image)

Why? In addition to it helping you see down your target line, it also helps you complete the rest of your set up properly and have your putter swing on the proper arc. 




Body Alignment
Fundamentally speaking, you will swing the putter more consistently on the proper arc if you set up square. Like I will say many times throughout the putting plan, it is most important that you are comfortable when setting up above all else!

Error Preference
Open stance. This allows some people to see their line much better. I have yet to see a good putter set up with a closed stance. 

Face Alignment
If you are going to open your stance when setting up, you should always keep your putter face pointed at your starting line target. Any shot in golf, set up where you are comfortable, put point your putter face at your starting target.


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