Cameron Tringale Putting Drill, PGA Tour Player 

Warm up putting drill
Cameron is an old friend of mine from college that worked with the same performance coach as myself and Jason Day. I ran across this video and thought it was a perfect learning opportunity for golfers.

Why is this so good?
Cameron has set up a variety of simple tools to enforce the proper fundamentals and mechanics essential to making more putts. These are very simple aspects of putting that even PGA Tour players pay attention to daily and you should too!

String Drill from 10 feet

Step 1 – Get a string, find a straight 12 foot putt.

Find a string and wrap it around two pencils. Get a string that is roughly 15 feet long. You can then place one pencil 1 foot behind the center of the hole and the other about 12 feet away from the hole.

The string helps you with
2. Starting Line
3. Keeping the ball low on follow through

Step 2 – 2 golf tees

Place two golf tees just outside the toe and heel of your putter. This will help you dial in a good swing path with your putter.

Step 3 – Grip, palms facing each other

This grip gives you a good feel for keeping your arms and shoulders moving together, eliminating any bad technique with your hands

Step 4 – Pre shot routine

When practicing your putting you should always simulate the golf course. Go through your routine before hitting each putt and walk into each putt. The common flaw is for players to rake ball after ball over. This type of practice does not translate to success on the golf course. In this case, cameron uses a line on his ball when he putts, therefore he is setting his line on the ball before each putt.

Practice Routine

Make 10 in a row from 5 feet under the string (with this grip)

Make 5 in a row from 10 feet under the string (with this grip)

Repeat that same process with your natural grip you use on the golf course.

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