Tiger putting drill – one hand warm up

Previous to this drill you should complete the 1 handed putting test. In the 1 handed putting test you will identify, which hand is dominate in your putting stroke. Once you have identified which hand is dominate you can complete this drill with your dominate hand each time you are practicing your putting at the golf course.

Step 1 – Find a straight putt approximately 3 feet from the hole

Step 2 – Place your putter head on the ground, aimed at the center of the hole and put two tees down for a gate – one outside the toe and one outside the heel of the putter

Step 3 – Place the golf ball in the center of the 2 tee’s

Step 4 – Set up to the ball

Step 5 – Place 1 hand on the putter (your dominate hand), make sure your shoulders stay square and hit the putt

Objective 1 – Make 10 putts in a row with your dominate hand

Objective 2 – Make 5 putts in a row with your other hand only

Objective 3 – Make 10 putts in a row with both hands

This drill will help you gain feel to use your dominate/feel hand in the putting stroke. When you place your other hand on the putter this should be on the putter for added stability when putting.

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