4 Questions All Golfers Must Ask Themselves After Each Shot, Post Shot Routine

The post shot routine is something that most golfers do not consistently execute on each shot. Most the players I work with don’t even know what a post shot routine is!

Benefits of the post shot routine

  1. Gather feedback
  2. Speed up learning
  3. Allow yourself to move on to the next shot with no emotion
  4. Understand your game better

The post shot routine could be argued to be more important than a pre shot routine. Why? Because this is when you will be gathering feedback and learning about your game. If you can evaluate and learn from each shot, imagine how much faster you will improve rather than just hitting a shot, good or bad, throwing your club and going to the next shot.

The 4 most important questions after every shot

  1. What was I trying to do
  2. How well did I execute what I was trying to do
  3. Why? What caused the good or poor shot
  4. How am I going to reinforce the good shot or fix the flaw that caused the poor shot

Here is an example of how I would recommend answering the questions

  1. I was trying to hit a draw that start at the tree on the right and finish 10 feet right of the hole
  2. I pushed it a little right of the tree and it drew the amount I wanted. It ended up 20 feet right of the hole, but in the safe miss area
  3. I tried to get my swing path more out to the right and I over did it
  4. I need to feel less of a right swing path when hitting a draw. (I then rehearse this feel in a practice swing and put the club away)


In your next round of golf I would make your post shot routine the priority. Bring a notebook to the golf course with you and keep it in your bag or cart. After each shot, I want you to answer each of the 4 questions.

You have to make this a priority in the beginning because it is not going be natural to remember. It has to be your sole priority during the round. If you can do this regularly, you will speed up your learning curve and start to shoot lower scores consistently in no time!

Note: if you do not understand your tendencies and golf swing, I recommend you find a qualified golf coach to help you through the learning process. Golf is a game of opposites, so don’t try figuring it out yourself!

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