Tiger Woods, 1 Handed Putting Drill

While watching Hideki Matsuyama warm up before the 3rd round of the Hero Challenge, it seems has stolen a page out of the old TW’s playbook. As a result – in his last 4 starts, he has 3 wins and 1 runner-up! The golf channel analyst’s also stated that he made it a point to address his putting issues after last season and in the last 4 events, he is down 1.5 putts per round!

Below is the drill Hideki has seen to be working on most, and what I have stolen from Tiger as well to help players enhance their putting

Step 1 – Find a straight putt approximately 4 feet from the hole

Step 2 – Place your putter head on the ground, aimed at the center of the hole and put two tees down for a gate – one outside the toe and one outside the heel of the putter

Step 3 – Place the golf ball in the center of the 2 tee’s

Step 4 – Set up to the ball

Step 5 – Place 1 hand on the putter (your dominate hand), make sure your shoulders stay square and hit the putt

Objective 1 – Make 10 putts in a row with your dominate hand

Objective 2 – Make 10 putts in a row with your other hand only

Objective 3 – Make 10 putts in a row with both hands

This drill will help you gain feel to use your dominate/feel hand in the putting stroke. When you place your other hand on the putter this should be on the putter for added stability when putting.

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