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Homework – Are You Spacial or Linear?
My goal as a coach (and player) is to practice smarter, not harder. Do NOT waste time at the course evaluating your results, wait until you get home. This allows you to clear your mind, think logically, and better process the information. This will help you understand your game much better and help you plan more structured practices and a process for improvement.

I give all of my students a small notebook they can keep in their bag at all times. You learn better when you WRITE DOWN your lesson notes, feedback, etc… verse typing them on your iPhone or iPad. I know this is really inconvenient in the world we live in, but WRITE IT DOWN on a notebook, I promise it will help you!

What you will write down

1.Spacial verse linear

Spacial – Creative putters (Ben Crenshaw), do NOT use a line on their ball when they putt. They tend to use more feel and see the arcs of the putts
Linear –
These putters make most of their putts in to a straight putt. i.e. They pick a spot 2 inches right of the hole, line their ball up to that spot and hit a straight putt.
Hybrid – There are some people that use the line on a case by case basis. This is ok! i.e. you might like using it on short putts but not on long putts. That would be because you want to focus more on feel and speed in longer putts, do what feels natural and most comfortable!

I’m sure at some point you have had a coach tell you that you need to use a line on your ball for putting. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Everybody’s mind is different, depending on how your eyes work, you may be like me (pre Lasik surgery) and have a distorted view when standing over the ball. So don’t worry if you can’t use the line on your ball in putting, there are great putters that are spacial!

Figuring it out
Next time you are at the putting green hit a variety of putts with the line and some with out the line.
1. Does the line look correct standing over the ball? If yes, use the line
2. Does the line look off, or create uncertainty? If yes, don’t use the line

Even though I did not use a line when playing on the golf course, I would use the line when practicing putts 10 feet and in. This helped me work on my alignment so it would be good when I was on the golf course with no line.

Are you… (circle one)                Linear                 Spacial

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