My practice goals for today’s practice 


Establish Solid Contact

Build Feel and Timing

Feedback and Improve

When I am teaching a beginner or someone is just getting back into the game after a long lay off, it is important to start simple. The first goal is to establish consistent contact. You do this by hitting small shots and focusing on your tempo.

Practice Structure I progress from short to long shots. I then evaluate my practice and end my practice working on my weakness and reinforcing good tempo. See below for my practice broken down.

Important Note You probably do not have a couple of the training devices I use for this practice. You can use the traditional practice method to simulate both training aids.

Blast Motion Sensor pay special attention to your tempo, try to repeat your tempo consistently on the wedge shots.

Gabe Swing Trainer simulate the Gabe Swing Trainer by pausing at the top of your golf swing. Be very disciplined and relaxed when you start your down swing.

Drills & Training Aid Information

 Demonstrations with videos and images of the drills

Ladder Drill each sign is set up in 10 yard increments – 40-80 yards.

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