Which Iron is better for me? 

My practice goals for today’s practice 

  • Distance Control for Wedges and 7-iron
  • Consistent Tempo
  • Dial in Yardages for New Clubs

For 2017, I signed a teaching staff deal with Titleist. I recently received my new Titleist Irons, so I was curious to see if my new irons could match up with the PXG irons I played in 2016. I had 20 minutes, so I decided to head to our indoor hitting bay to hit on Flightscope. My only objective was to get loose hitting wedge shots and then compare the PW and 7 iron from both PXG and Titleist.

Practice Structure I progress from short to long shots. I then evaluate my practice and end my practice working on my weakness and reinforcing good tempo. See below for my practice broken down.

Important Note You probably do not have a couple of the training devices I use for this practice. You can use the traditional practice method to simulate both training aids.

Flightscope Launch Monitor most people do not have access to a launch monitor. Use a range finder or pace of the distances and put a target down for your yardage. Pay attention to the yardage you carry the ball, roll out will be different on the golf course when landing on a putting surface with a good golf ball compared to the driving range with a range ball.

Gabe Swing Trainer simulate the Gabe Swing Trainer by pausing at the top of your golf swing. Be very disciplined and relaxed when you start your down swing.

Ladder Drill for Wedges
Club used – 60 degree wedge

What is the ladder drill? The ladder drill is a great drill to work on your distance control with your wedges. Today I was indoors, hitting into a net, so I really had to focus on my feel since I could not visually see the target. I focused on hitting 3 different yardages– 85 yards, 95 yards, 105.

Wedges 85 – 95 – 105 yards

  • Typically I do not hit the same shot twice, but since I was in a time crunch I hit 5 balls to a target before switching targets.
    • 5 shots to 85, 5 shots to 95, 5 shots to 105


  1. I can be aggressive since switching to 60 from 58 degree. Each arm position (I use the clock system technique for distance control) may be a couple yards longer when solid.
    1. 9 oclock – 85 yards
    2. 10 oclock – 95 yards
    3. 11 oclock – 105 yards
  2. Relaxed transition put club on neutral swing path

PXG vs. Titeist Iron Test Which is Better?

PXG vs. Titleist Test for this test I am going to hit 5 balls with each club, for a total of 20 balls. Note my swing speed with a 7 iron gets near 105mph when swinging full, driver club head spead has topped out at 128 mph. This test was performed indoors with a Flightscope launch monitor to have optimized conditions (not effected by quality of golf ball, wind or slope)

Pitching Wedge Test  5 balls with each club

  • Titleist AP2 Pitching Wedge
    • Average Carry Distance: 156 yards
    • Longest: 164 Shortest: 149 yards
  • PXG 0311 Pitching Wedge
    • Average Carry Distance: 170 yards
    • Longest: 175 yards Shortest: 163 yards
  • Winner: PXG, averaged 14 yards longer and more consistent on distance control

7 Iron Test 5 balls with each club

    • Titleist t-mb 7 iron
      • Average Carry Distance: 207 yards
      • Longest: 199 Shortest: 221 yards
    • PXG 0311 Pitching Wedge
      • Average Carry Distance:  yards
      • Longest: 206 yards Shortest: 217 yards

My Conclusion I hit the 7iron slightly more solid with the Titleist but still hit the PXG farther and more consistent. With the PW I was slightly more solid w PXG according to smash factor.

Overall Winner PXG – Longer and better distance control

Feedback Gabe trainer drill to finish. 5 balls with Gabe Swing Trainer to dial in the proper swing path and sequence/tempo at the top of the swing. Notice in the picture the swing path number is 1.0R on average, neutral path – slightly from the inside coming down.

Drills & Training Aid Information

Demonstration of Gabe Swing Trainer

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