Blast Motion Golf Putting

Important Blast Motion Putting Metrics

  1. Face Rotation I typically pick out a flat putt from 10 feet. Typically my back length stroke is 8 inches on the greens at Wildcat GC. Based on this back length stroke, I want my Face rotation to be 4 degrees open on back swing, 4 degrees closed on forward swing.
  2. Ratio the proper rotation ratio is 2:1 based on your back stroke length. (10 inch back stroke, 5 degree rotation)
  3. Impact Stroke On the same 10 foot putt, I find a smooth yet agressive tempo to ensure I am accelerating through the putt. On the 10 foot putt my impact stroke speed was 3.9mph. I hit ten putts trying to get within 0.1 consistently.
  4. Deceleration if your impact speed falls below, you are slowing down into hitting the ball
  5. Acceleration if your impact speed gets way above your comfortable tempo, you might be getting quick or long with your stroke.


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