All great players have consistent tempo

Tempo is the easiest thing in the world to work on! Not only is it the easiest, but it is probably the least practiced and most important aspect of playing consistently well! Do you wonder why PGA Tour players have different looking swings, but all seem to hit the ball well consistently? Because they all have great, consistent tempo!

FIND YOUR TEMPO some players have slow tempo (Ernie Els) others have fast tempo (Kevin Chappell). Regardless if you are a fast paced golfer, or slow paced, just find what you are and repeat it every time! A couple tips on how to find your best tempo.

  1. Are you fast or slow paced naturally? If you walk fast, talk fast, move fast….then you are probably a faster tempo than normal in the golf swing. Go with it!
  2. When trying to find your tempo when swinging, be as relaxed as possible and make effortless swings. This does NOT mean be lazy, just effortless – still accelerating through to a full finish.

I like a few different training tools to work on my tempo. Before the blast motion sensor, we did not have any feedback to show us if we were working on our tempo correctly. Before you use the modern device such as Blast motion sensor, try a couple of these drills first.

  1. Feet together drill cures all
  2. Tempo practice for great transition

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