Tempo & Transition Practice

Step 1: Tempo Drill 1, Feet Together

– 10 shots, 1/2 swings
– 15 shots, 3/4 swings
– 25 total shots

Step 2: Transition Drill 1, Gabe Trainer – Long Release (can be done at home with ball)

– 25 full shots with long release
The Gabe Trainer Details (Used by 35 PGA Tour pro’s daily)

Extra Tempo, Orange whip (can be done at home)
– 20 swings with good smooth tempo, same pace on back swing and downswing
– focus on transition from back swing to downswing, lead with the lower body, do NOT yank with your arms to start down swing
Buy the orange whip

Feet Together Drill


Orange Whip

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