OBJECTIVE identify why I repeatedly miss putts left

  • Check putter face alignment from 10 feet, straight (eye line laser)
  • Focus on set up fundamentals
  • Establish a feel to produce putts that go down my starting line

1. PUTTER FACE ALIGNMENT – One of my players held the laser while I set up to a 10 foot putt with multiple putters. To my surprise I aligned dead center of the hole with both putters. This gives me the confidence that I have options to putt with whatever putter feels good and looks good to the eye when I set up. Going with the O works 7 for now.
2. SET UP FUNDAMENTALS – I tend to get my stance open (to the left) on putts. This causes me to pull across and miss my putts left. I realized I need to pay attention to my feet to ensure they are square as well as making sure my back is flat so I do not move around in the stroke.

3. FEEL – I was tense in the beginning. After making 10 putts in a row from 5 feet, straight I went to hitting various putts around the green. I felt like I was tossing a ball, side arm (not letting my right forearm get to high and smother the putt. I also relaxed my grip pressure and this produced great rolls.


  1. BLOCK PRACTICE OBJECTIVE set up and starting line
    • Make 10 in a row on a straight putt, 5 feet.
    • Placed alignment stick outside tow of the putter to set up correctly (alignment)
  2. RANDOM PRACTICE OBJECTIVE mid range speed control
    • 15 foot string drill. With 2 balls, I would hit 2 from one side and go to the other side from 15 feet.
    • Completed drill when I rested a ball on the string from each side. (hit approximately 25 putts
  3. DELIBERATE OBJECTIVE make mid range putts, simulating pre shot routine routine from golf course
    • With one ball I went around to various putts on the green, 10-30 feet from the hole (Mid Range Putts)
    • Went through entire pre shot routine before each putt
    • Make 3 mid range putts before finishing this drill

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