My First Flashback Friday…

With less practice and a full time job, I realized my childhood dream of playing on the PGA Tour. I’m extremely thankful and blessed to have this opportunity, but it doesn’t quite seem fair. I was taught that hard work pays off…

In 2015 I decided to move back to Houston after coaching college golf at Ohio State University. I’ve spent nearly 3 years trying to figure out small business ownership, which has created more headaches, busy work and less time for practice. Thankfully since becoming a full time coach in 2011 I have been surrounded by some of the best athletes and golf coaches in the world. All athletes (I still consider myself a golf athlete) blossom at different ages. I reached my first PGA Tour event and major at 33, but why?

I feel I am one of the most logical, “it’s black and white” person you will find. I like to know the facts, understand the “why”, then the “how” to improve or fix something. If I can understand that, I can typically complete a task. If not, I run in circles, frustrated and do not get much accomplished. Before the last couple years, I was in search of what actually worked in golf and the golf swing. I almost believed that golf was more about “luck” than skill.

In 2015 I made my final career decision, I want to be a golf coach and entrepreneur. This is why I moved back to start a golf academy and not pursue being a college golf coach. This is when I began to invest more in research and learning of golf swing mechanics and development. With a clear vision of where I was going, I knew understanding the swing mechanics was vital to being a quality “golf instructor”. I was in search for the truth, not another theory or swing method to try.

I can now say I 100% OWN my game. It’s not as sharp as I would like it, but I know where I’m going with it – from the driver to the putter, I understand the facts, what is black and what is white. My passion is to communicate and apply that to each golfer that loves this game as much as I do. All it takes is an open mind, some dedication and a little practice. Selfishly, I learn more through my students that makes me a better player, so I hope you can learn from my experiences to achieve your potential!



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