Golf is the worst practiced sport in the world – Golf Science Lab


  • Playing verse practicing
  • Block, Deliberate, Random, Sequential
  • Different areas of the game
  • Simulation of golf course


  • Daily
  • Practice
  • Pre-Shot
  • Post-Shot
  • Tournament Prep


Golf skills need to be precise. Depending on the amount of time you have available to work on your game, you need to set reasonable expectations. That being said, if you have strategy, structure and purpose behind each time allotted to golf, you should be able to raise your expectations on the course.

EXPECTATIONS Manage yourself well, here are some of “the controllable” factors

  • Mindset, routine, set up
  • Aiming your eyes and line over alignment
  • Even quill. Emotions – little up and little down
  • Part of ego is attached to results, disassociate your emotions from results

OPEN SPORT reacting sport, the game dictates your actions. There is less time to analyze and think, more likely to be instinctual and athletic

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball 
  • Soccer

CLOSED SPORT you decide when you do your routine and static over the ball. You can control the pre-shot routine and set up.

  • Golf
  • Free throws in basketball
  • Pitchers in baseball
  • Kickers in football

BELOW University of Houston Coach, Jonathan Dismuke discusses with our competitive junior group,  The Varsity Group, how their team strategizes practice. Coach Dismuke led Texas A&M to a national golf team championship in 2009.


Practice Objectives

  • Conceptual improvement
  • Technical improvement
  • Restructure practice accordingly

Phases of “in the zone”

  • Present
  • Confident,
  • Comfortable,
  • Non-judgmental


  • Creating clear plan
  • 100% commitment to the plan chosen
  • Post shot feedback, control emotions

Negotiable’s what you can control

  • Ability to stay present
  • Number of rehearsal (practice) swings
  • Length of routine


PRE-SHOT Routine should be same every time

  • Every routine needs to include the main structure (i.e. 5 aspects of pre-shot routine)
    • You don’t have to to have specific number of practice swings, objective is to get the feel and go when you have that positive feel
    • Goal is to develop the proper feel for the shot you have chosen, build confidence and trust when pulling the club away
  • Visually focus on where you look
    • Alignment verse awareness
    • Visualize or verbally describe the shot. Clear intent
  • When you are ready, go!

POST-SHOT Routine Realize what a good shot is.

  • De-labeling outcome
  • Apply closure. Put club away or take off glove and relax.
    • 3 post shot categories
      • Enjoyable – hit ball close to hole
      • Acceptable – proper side of hole, safe putt, will at least make par
      • Learnable – less than ideal shot, learn from it, make adjustment and rehearse

Strategy in your pre-round warm up will help your mindset. Warm up before playing on the course is solely focused on:

  • Getting golf swing muscles loose
  • Developing feel for the day
  • No relation to warm up and score that day.
  • Practice time warm up is negotiable depending on how you feel, stick to the structure
  • Irrationally positive thinking.
    • Parents, coaches – some need a pat on the back. Some a don’t need as much positive reinforcement

TRAIN SMARTER with strategy and process goals will help all golfers (and athletes) achieve their peak potential. Old school work habits should be blended with the new school performance strategies and technology. By combining the science with art, golfers can guarantee optimum results.

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