Gathering feedback is mandatory for golfers that want to achieve their peak potential. There are many similarities in what successful athletes across all sports do consistently to perform at their best.

Take the NFL for example, on Tuesday’s all players sit in a classroom and  watch video, going through each play from the previous game. They get very detailed feedback about technical errors, mindset, strategy, etc…

This allows players time to process and fully understand the concepts, techniques and what they would do different the next time they are in a specific situation.  If you fail to analyze your game and get feedback from your coach or get feedback from your emotions or mentality then you’re never going to achieve your Peak Performance. So what I’m saying is you need to take time after every practice and every round of golf to ask yourself certain questions. Then track your progress using statistical data. This will pinpoint exactly what the weaknesses in your game are and what you need to work on to take your game to the next level and reach your full potential.

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