How to Practice for Improvement

  1. Read through the practice in full before going to the course.
  2. Watch Video Demonstrations before going to the course
  3. Download the Practice PDF and print
  4. Take the practice to the course with you so you stay on track
  5. Login on your mobile device at the course to have all the practice drills and information available in case you forget what to do.

Using the Blast Motion Sensor to build feel for your best putting stroke
OBJECTIVE  efficient Practice (20 min) to gather feedback for the proper putting stroke and tempo.

Blast motion sensor is the first piece of technology that gives you data for tempo. When I grew up practicing, I was also told to “swing smooth”. But what is “swinging smooth”? Before the blast motion sensor, we all had to guess on what tempo or swing smooth was. Using the blast motion sensor will give you the facts of what smooth is, but also help you optimize your tempo for consistent speed control on the greens.

Make it simple by focusing on one aspect at a time
5 Aspects of Putting with Blast Motion Sensor

  • Face Rotation I typically pick out a flat putt from 10 feet. Typically my back length stroke is 8 inches on the greens at Wildcat GC. Based on this back length stroke, I want my Face rotation to be 4 degrees open on back swing, 4 degrees closed on forward swing.
  • Putter Face Rotation Ratio the proper rotation ratio is 2:1 based on your back stroke length. (10 inch back stroke, 5 degree rotation)
  • Impact Stroke On the same 10 foot putt, I find a smooth yet aggressive tempo to ensure I am accelerating through the putt. On the 10 foot putt my impact stroke speed was 3.9mph at my home course. I hit ten putts trying to get within 0.1 consistently.
    • Decelerate if your impact speed falls below, you are slowing down into hitting the ball
    • Acceleration if your impact speed gets way above your comfortable tempo, you might be getting quick or long with your stroke.

Improve your Speed Control  & Never 3 putt again with good speed on the greens.

BLAST PUTTING DRILL FOR SPEED CONTROL I had 20 minutes today to work on my game. I made myself this quick putting practice to use my practice time efficiently

  1. DEVELOP CONSISTENT TEMPO for mid range putts
    • Putt a string or tee down to simulate the hole on a flat part of the green.
    • Place 5 balls 10 feet from the simulated hole. Mark the 10 foot spot with a tee
      • Hit 5 putts, practice stroke before hitting each putt
      • Hit first putt, check the blast motion data for back stroke length and back stroke time.
        • Was the putt good speed? (10 inches passed the 10 foot simulated hole)
        • What was the back stroke length? (average green speed should be around 8 inch back stroke length, but it depends on the speed of your greens, fast greens 7 inch back stroke length, slow greens 10 inches)
        • What was your back stroke time? (.6 is recommended for your back stroke time. This should always stay the same no matter what length of time, if the putt is longer, you lengthen your back stroke)
        • Whats was your tempo ratio? (2:1 is a good baseline for back stroke time to forward stroke time, i.e. .6 back stroke, .3 forward stroke)
          • I am not concentrated on having perfect .6 to .3 ratio, I just want a consistent tempo that repeats each putt. Find what tempo is comfortable to you and repeat it every time.
        • If the putt was hit solidly, and went the right distance this is the right back stroke length and speed.
      • Place 5 balls 20 feet from the simulated hole
        • Repeat the process from above

Important!! Make sure to set up properly every time. Put a stick down for alignment if you have to.

Check alignment and ball position

    1. 10 putts on a 10 foot straight putt
    2. If your back stroke is 8 inches, your forward and back face rotation should be 4 degrees.
  2. GAIN FEEL FOR PROPER STROKE using Sensor in Offline Mode. (you don’t need to have app open, it will still track your putt data)
    • Take 1 ball and play 9 holes.
    • Each first putt or hole would be 10 feet in distance (pace it off).
    • Go through your routine, read the putt, everything you would do on the course when putting.
    • After you finish 9 holes, turn the app back on and check your 9 putts data for face rotation.
      1. How consistent was your stroke?
      2. Was your feel for the stroke accurate for with the face rotation numbers during the 9 putts?
Don't Just Putt, Understand Putting


  1. Speed control on putts is the combination of
      1. Length of back stroke.
      2. Time of back stroke.
      3. The correct number varies depending on the speed of your greens.
      4. Get really good at your home course to establish a baseline for 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet then adjust your length of stroke when you go to a new course. It’s fast and easy to adjust!


  1. Alignment
  2. Face Rotation
  3. Path
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