Full Swing Practice With Putting

DAY 1 PRACTICE or whichever day you can get to the golf courseObjectives Refine Fundamentals Improve sequencing of swing (tempo) Part 1 Complete Putting Test – Download PDF and take to the course with you Measure each putt to the appropriate distance. It is ok to hit the same putt every time from each distance to

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Spacial Verse Linear Putting

WHAT DO YOUR EYES NATURALLY SEE? Line or No Line… Homework – Are You Spacial or Linear? My goal as a coach (and player) is to practice smarter, not harder. Do NOT waste time at the course evaluating your results, wait until you get home. This allows you to clear your mind, think logically, and

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PGA Putting Baseline Test

Putting Test vs. The Pro’s The PGA Tour Baseline test gives us an opportunity to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses from a variety of distances. If you are completing this test with a golf coach, the coach can observe you doing the test and take notes regarding your technique and the cause/effect.  What this test

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Putting Test Practice CV

Example of Structured Practice Based on Results You can complete this after your baseline test or the next opportunity you have to practice at the course depending on your time schedule.  Based on our example baseline test, here is a structured practice to work 60% on short putts (weakness) and 40% on all other putts

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Evaluate Putting Baseline Test 7

Evaluate, gather feedback from your test resultsEvery player that I have tested shows a strength and weakness in certain distances. If you scored a higher percentage compared to PGA Tour average on short putts than you did on long putts, I would say your long putts is your area of weakness, your short putts are

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