What Is Good Tempo

Growing up, I was taught to “swing smooth”, but what does that actually mean? These “tips” were some of the main reasons that I developed swing flaws I fight 20 years later. I started playing golf in the mid 90’s, self-taught trying to “dig it out of the dirt”. With that came so good and

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Old School Verse Modern Day Golf

Growing up, I was always taught the fundamentals and some “key” elements in the golf swing to focus on… I’ll discuss the benefits and negatives of both the old school golfer and today’s modern day golfer. These “tips” were some of the main reasons that I developed swing flaws I fight 20 years later. I

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Rainy Day Golf Practice

“I HAVEN’T PRACTICED BECAUSE IT’S BEEN RAINING OUTSIDE” – Worst Excuse Ever If you’re like most golfers, you’re game probably runs in circles – meaning you play well at times, bad at times and it seems to go full circle to where you’re not improving much – if at all. I hear it nearly every

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Full Swing Practice With Putting

DAY 1 PRACTICE or whichever day you can get to the golf courseObjectives Refine Fundamentals Improve sequencing of swing (tempo) Part 1 Complete Putting Test – Download PDF and take to the course with you Measure each putt to the appropriate distance. It is ok to hit the same putt every time from each distance to

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The Golf Process

The Golfers Process For Improvement In All Areas Of The Game The quick fix “golf tips” websites and YouTube videos DON’T work. I am a believer in the process of improvement. My golf practice plans do not cut corners or leave any stone unturned. Every drill and practice plan is strategically designed with “dummy proof” drills that

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PGA Flashback Friday

GOLFERS DREAM OF PLAYING ON THE PGA TOUR, IN 2017 MY PGA TOUR DREAMS CAME TRUE My First Flashback Friday… With less practice and a full time job, I realized my childhood dream of playing on the PGA Tour. I’m extremely thankful and blessed to have this opportunity, but it doesn’t quite seem fair. I

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Tempo training

Tempo & Transition Practice Step 1: Tempo Drill 1, Feet Together – 10 shots, 1/2 swings– 15 shots, 3/4 swings– 25 total shots Step 2: Transition Drill 1, Gabe Trainer – Long Release (can be done at home with ball) – 25 full shots with long release Extra Tempo– 20 swings with good smooth tempo, same

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