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The facts about college golf recruiting

There is a lot of information on the internet about the college golf recruiting process. In this eBook you will receive the truth about college recruiting and the simple process to follow to give yourself the best golf scholarship options.

Inside the College Golf Recruiting Guide is the 10 steps essential for junior golfers to complete in order to get a college golf scholarship. Learn everything their is to know about the college recruiting process and what coaches want to see.

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My Experiences

Learn from my 8 years of playing and coaching NCAA golf. This ebook gives you access to all my experiences and information for you to take and pursue your dream of playing college golf.

Blueprint For Success

All the college golf recruiting education and process is laid out strategically so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. This 40 page ebook makes it simple for you to find all your options to play college golf.

Coaches Contact Information

I have included my database to college golf coaches. In this database you will have access to every college golf coaches email and phone number, along with communication strategies to contact them.

Golf Scholarships

80% of college student-athletes attend schools outside of the NCAA Division I. This means that there are over 1,600 schools that offer athletic scholarships!

Take Control of Your Success

Do not rely on a website or recruiting service to do the work for you. From my personal experience and my other coaching friends, we only focus on players that contact us. This ebook shows you actually what to show and tell them to guarantee you have options to play college golf.

Recruiting Video

Make sure you have a quality recruiting video. I will show you how to make a recruiting video that shows coaches what they need to see. With use of a smart phone, you can do everything in minutes for free.

Preparation for Success

For a limited time I am offering to show you how to practice efficiently so you are prepared for college golf. Most junior golfers are shocked with they see what the daily routine golfers go through. Learn how to train right now, and be ahead of the playing field when you arrive on campus!

College Golf Recruiting Guide Ebook

10 Steps to a College Golf Scholarship Make sure you understand the facts of the recruiting process. This 40 page ebook is laid out in a step-by-step format to ensure you have options on signing day!

Recruiting letter & resume templates

Do it yourself recruiting video instructions

Instructions for registering with the NCAA

Coaches contact phone numbers and emails

How to market yourself effectively

Organization, checklists to stay on task

What tournaments to play in to get recruited

College recruiting terms, definitions & education

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About the coach
JJ Wood has played and coached college golf. JJ played college golf at Pepperdine University before transferring to the University of Oklahoma in 2006. As a coach, he started his career at Rice University before receiving the coaching offer to coach at Ohio State University. His passion lies in mentoring junior golfers in the college golf recruiting process. JJ lives in Houston, TX and has partnered with University of Houston Golf Coach, Jonathan Dismuke to start the Golf Performance Group.