Gain Distance and Accuracy with Proper Impact


What is impact and why is it important?

Impact is when your club face returns back to the ball. Most golfers spend all their time hitting full swings on the driving range, when really it would be more beneficial to spend 80% of your practice time hitting half swing pitch shots. The full swing is too fast, leading to poor impact position caused by swing flaws in the full swing. If you eliminate the full swing and make it small and slow, you will be able to ingrain the muscle memory for proper impact.

Proper Impact is crucial to compress the golf ball correctly for maximum distance and accuracy by squaring your club face to the target line consistently. Poor impact leads to short distance and no control of the club face direction.

Impact drills are the most simple exercises to train.

Why & How? Because the only way you are going to improve is with small, slow swings (pitch shots) of 20-30 yards

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