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Discussion between JJ Wood, PGA and College Golfer Alec Brown

Arguably, the most important aspect of the golf swing is transition. I preach to all of my players the importance of set up, impact and tempo. All great players incorporate drills every day to practice these aspects and you can to!

There are many training aids out there for set up and impact, but I had not found a training aid effective to give a golfer great feedback for tempo until a couple years ago. Former PGA Tour Rookie of the Year and 2-time PGA Tour winner Gabriel Hjerstedt introduced me to his swing trainer over Thanksgiving when I was back home in Arizona two years ago. We discussed how golf has became full of gadgets and mechanics that are not necessary to make golfers better. He teaches numerous PGA Tour players such as Graham Daleat and Vijay Singh, as well as the weekend golfer. Gabe said that the first two things that get off for tour players when they start playing bad is basic, their alignment and TRANSITION. 

As a player, my main swing thought was simple, have a smooth, deliberate transition from the top of my swing to the down swing, and I would more often than not hit that shot solid and the direction I wanted to. But there was never a training aid or device to give me feedback. When I started coaching, I express the importance of tempo and transition but amateurs have a hard time understanding what proper transition should FEEL like. Gabe sent me one and now I live and die by this training aid!

Gabe said since he started teaching amateurs, there has not been one amateur that has the proper transition. This led to him to making his own training aid that is very simple, that players can take with them to warm up every day. Now over 30 PGA Tour pro’s warm up with this every day!

What can proper transition in your golf swing fix?

  1. Club face control at impact for accuracy
  2. Club path on the down swing for less curve
  3. Increase power by improving sequencing from back to downswing

From beginners to tour pro’s, trust me when I say you need this training aid. It is simple and gives you direct feedback on one of the top 3 most important aspects all great players possess! If you only focus and improve your set up, tempo and impact, I guarantee you will eliminate the confusion in your golf swing and start shooting lower scores quickly!

What is the “proper transition” 

  • Complete shoulder turn to the top, arms stop when the shoulders stop turning
  • When your weight is full loaded inside your right leg (right handers), you transfer your weight to your left side as you turn through.
  • If you set the club properly, and have a good transition, you can swing through as hard as you can, as long as you keep your balance on the finish

Practicing with the Gabe Trainer all full swings should have the same transition timing!

  • Warm up with pitch shots with your sand wedge
  • Begin full swings with the Gabe Swing Trainer “long release”
    • Take 5 practice swings with the long release
    • Hit 10 shits with the long release
  • Take 3 practice swings with the “fast release”
    • Take 3 practice swing with the fast release
    • Hit 5 shots with the fast release
  • Now incorporate this with your regular 7 iron
    • Take 3 practice swings putting the feel of the trainer with your normal club
    • Hit 10 more shots

This gives you feedback, after a few sets doing the drill above, you will start to feel what the proper transition feels like.


Created by Two Time PGA TOUR Winner and Top PGA TOUR Coach Gabriel Hjertstedt, the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer features patented technology to give you instant feedback on your swing. Learn by feel and sound.

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