Set Up

This is the easiest Step to Control

it includes:

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Posture
  • Alignment
  • Ball Position



Set Up Routine

Why is set up important?

POWER is achieved by engaging your big muscles effectively throughout the swing while the arms swing. The set up dictates whether you will either

1. Rotate (desired, hit it with your strong muscles) or 2. Slide (creates less power, rely on timing of your hands)

ACCURACY the best way to control your club face consistently is to rotate through the golf swing properly. This allows your club face to rotate properly as your body turns and arms swing.


CONTROLLABLE 1 the first step to controlling your club face and ultimately the direction of your golf ball is by understanding your grip. There are 3 basic positions that we have heard of when referring to the grip – “weak grip”, “strong grip” and “neutral grip”.


Allows for hinging of wrist, gaining leverage and speed

Club rotates properly throughout the swing to create square club face at impact


Wrists will not hinge and can lead to less distance

Club face will tend to be open creating a slice


Wrists will hinge allowing for distance

Club face will tend to be shut, causing a hook. Players tend to learn how to “hold off” their hands creating flaws through impact.


Everything matters… but lets be honest, we aren’t good enough to do everything perfectly. So I’ve narrowed it down to a few simple “KEY ASPECTS” of the full swing that all golfers need to “perfect”, whether you are a beginner or PGA Tour professional.


When you do have time to go to the golf course, you must put a FEEL to your swing technique changes through practicing your timing, distance control, shot shaping and PRE SHOT ROUTINE

 Whenever you are outside, you are in a calm, athletic mindset. How you think when you are at the practice area (i.e. swing thoughts, mechanical) will be how you think on the golf course. When on the driving range you are going through your pre shot routine 50% of the time or more. You are focused on the FEEL of the shot you are hitting, not thinking about it technically.


You must work on your TECHNIQUE indoors to receive the best results.  Simple golf swing “exercises” and drills you can do anywhere, WITHOUT hitting a golf ball.

 When practicing your technique, you must be PERFECT with your set up and swing positions (exaggerated in “safe positions”). You should be doing SLOW rehearsal swings, pausing for each position to build the muscle memory for the correct position.

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