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Golfers receive 30-day FREE access to our online Golf Performance Lab hosted at to access unlimited practice plans, videos, lesson notes and much more.

Supplement your private lessons with skill development practice. Practices are segmented by age and ability level, ask your coach for more details.

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  • Track Your Stats When Playing On Course
  • Performance Strategies And Mental Game Coaching
  • Course Management Tutorials
  • Library Of Must Do Practice Drills
  • Private Player Profile Through Blast Connect


Blast Motion Sensor

Affordable technology used by PGA Tour pros to work on their tempo and face control. Most popularly used for putting, it can also be used with for full swing to improve your distance control and create more speed to hit it farther.Great training device for full swing, short game and putting!


Saber Training Stick

GOLFERS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES can benefit from this training aid. Drills for all aspects of the golf swing, including each of the 10 positions. Can use it anywhere to work on their game without hitting a ball. Why? Because as more and more golfers use it from age 3 to 93, I am hearing stories of how this very simple but very effective golf training aid is helping golfers #makethefeelreal


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