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Game Plan

Improve Performance, Lower Scores

Watch how easy it is! 

If you are a passionate golfer like me, you have probably spent time researching and reading the latest golf mental books to improve your performance. These books are full of education but I found they lack a “how to” train those skills daily with practice plans and exercises. It is my goal to lay out a complete practice plan, step-by-step for you to do daily and make it as easy and simple as possible to train your mental game. 

In this program, you will be guided step-by-step through every mental game “tool” so you will have a better understanding of how to work on your mental game. In just 81 days you will be equipped with all the performance tools necessary to take your game to the next level. If you’re serious about golf, you can’t afford not take advantage of this deal!


What’s Inside

Training for Performance

→ Establish clarity on your strengths and weaknesses
      → Establishing your best mindset to play well
      → Learn how to clarify your thoughts to better understand your game
      → Apply your specific tools on the course

→ Weekly practice of tools
     → Evaluate your mental game in 5 different areas
     → Get quality feedback from practice & play
     → Sports Visualization, how to train your eyes
     → Building your best daily routines
     → Establishing the best pre and post shot routine
     → Practice planning and preparation
     → Course management practice and drills
     → Health and Fitness for golf

→ Consistency with the process!

The “tools” for Performance
Each week you work on one specific performance tool to master it
This program is packed with worksheets, apps and exercises for your development

⇒  Week 1: Evaluation and Assessment
→ Mental Game GPA: Understand your game

⇒  Week 2: Gather quality feedback for improvement
→ Journaling like Jason Day

⇒  Week 3: How to develop visualization skills for golf

⇒  Week 4: Practice & Preparation. How should you practice?
→ My favorite drills and practice plans included

⇒ Week 5: Pre and Post Shot Routines: Identifying your perfect routines

⇒ Week 6: Developing confidence

⇒ Week 7: Concentration and focus exercises

⇒ Week 8: Course management and mapping the course

⇒ Week 9: Tournament preparation for success

⇒ Week 10: Health & fitness for golf

⇒ Applying it to your daily (golf) life

Game Plan

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