Elite Performance Training

I was lucky enough to be mentored/coached by Jason Day’s former performance (mental game) coach. Avid golfers to touring professionals can improve tremendously once developing the 10 performance tools in this book.

Time Management

Practices planned and organized for you. Develop important skills at home and enjoy golf at the course! Most people cannot get to the golf course more than a couple times per week. Majority of drills done from home.


All drills, worksheets and practice plans are user friendly. Drills focused on building feel, hand-eye coordination and simulating pressure on the course. Learn when/how to work on mechanical drills!

Mental Game Practice

Learn how to effectively improve your mental game. There are a lot of books with information, but very few that give you the process with practical drills to implement daily. Learn how to build trust and confidence.

Eliminate Performance Training

Limited Time Special. Video Swing Analysis

9 week practice program to shoot lower scores

Master the 9 mental game strategies

Video instruction and coaching

10 practice plans made for you

BONUS! Custom swing analysis

Course management practice

Video Analysis & Practice Plan

Learn key elements custom to your swing

Voice over video analysis

1 at home practice plan with checklist

1 at golf course practice plan with checklist

5 drills to gain distance and consistency. Videos and pictures with each drill

Step 1 to building a great golf game

Mobile friendly, take it to the course with you!

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