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PGA Director of Instruction and PGA Player, dedicated to proving what swing strategies ACTUALLY WORK and how to best implement them into your game efficiently with limited or no time to practice at the course. If a small business owner and full time coach can qualify for a PGA Tour Major Championship while working full time, why can't you improve your game?

JJ Wood, PGA

My mission as a PGA Golf Professional is to educate golfers of all ability levels on the truth of golf improvement. Golf was labeled “the worst practiced sport in the world” recently by Golf Science Lab, due to various outlets providing swing “methods” and “theories” that simple don’t work for the average amateur and professional golfer. The ball sits still and truth be told, improving the average golfers game is very simple.

Join my journey as I continue to research and educate golfers of all ability levels how to train efficiently and play their best golf consistently. 

JJ Wood, PGA Director of Instruction